QUIZ: Initial Thoughts on Guitar

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This guitar quiz is all about initials and what they mean (or don’t mean). You have five┬áminutes, and no looking stuff up–honor system! You must get 7/10 right to pass.┬áBOL! (Best Of Luck!)

Question #1: What is KK Downing’s (from Judas Priest) real first name?

Question #2: What is BB King’s real first name?

Question #3: What does ES stand for? (Gibson ES-335)

Question #4: Rock band Y&T shortened its name from what?

Question #5: What does SG stand for? (Gibson SG)

Question #6: What is CC DeVille’s (from Poison) real first name?

Question #7: What does PAF stand for? (PAF pickups)

Question #8: On a JTM 45 amp, what does “JTM” stand for?

Question #9: What is JJ Cale’s real first name?

Question #10: The Black Sabbath title “N.I.B.” refers to what?

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  1. Mick says:

    SG means solid guitar

    • michael rays says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Mick. The source for my answer is the book “Guitar Rigs” by Dave Hunter. If you have a source for SG meaning “solid guitar,” please let me know. Thank you!

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