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Hi, I’m an 89A3444aerl-jazz. What are you? In the style of personal classified ads (remember those?), I have created the ESGATH26G scale. The ESGATH26G is not a musical scale; rather, it’s a shorthand method for guitar players to describe themselves using a string of letters and numbers.  Here is how the ESGATH26G scale works, element […]

Guitar vs Golf: The Battle for Hobby Supremacy!

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You’re a space alien who’s just landed on Planet Earth and you’re looking for a hobby. You scan the hobby lobe in the brains of 1,000 passersby, and you get 1,000 identical responses: Words With Friends. So you play that for a while, but now you want something more old-school. You scan again: 500 say guitar, […]

Video: How to play “Fire in Cairo” by the Cure

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“Fire in Cairo” is a track from The Cure’s debut album, 1979’s “Three Imaginary Boys.” It’s a very good song and it’s not too difficult to play. All the chords are either major or minor, and you can use either barre chords (my preference) or regular chords. Chords used: B, C, E, F, G, A, […]