Guitar vs Golf: The Battle for Hobby Supremacy!

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You’re a space alien who’s just landed on Planet Earth and you’re looking for a hobby. You scan the hobby lobe in the brains of 1,000 passersby, and you get 1,000 identical responses: Words With Friends. So you play that for a while, but now you want something more old-school. You scan again: 500 say guitar, […]

Links of North Dakota, Thy Name is Nick Poss!

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Last Saturday I played–for the first time–the Links of North Dakota, a relatively new golf course near Williston, on the northern shore of the Missouri River. My friend Jeff, teeing off toward the Missouri River Later that evening, in Wibaux, Montana’s Gem Theatre, I watched and heard–for the first time–Nick Poss, a young singer/songwriter from Oklahoma. […]