New Word! Rocksolography

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Having recently self-published the ebook “Guitar Odyssey” and now working on “Guitar Odyssey 2: Talkin’ Dirty,” I have been faced with a marketing dilemma:¬†What category best describes these books, in which I chronicle my day-to-day efforts to learn a rock solo on the guitar? Rock n Roll? Guitar? Music? Diary? All are sort of right; none is completely right.

What to do? Create a new category–and to do that–create a new word!

ROCKSOLOGRAPHY (rok’-sol-OG’-ruh-fee) (noun): a non-fiction book or ebook, usually in diary form, about the process of learning a rock solo; may also feature any digressions the author deems necessary, including rock history, criticism, opinion, meditation, music theory, poetry, and amateur psychoanalysis.

So, there you have it. A rocksolography is a diary about the process of learning a rock solo, plus whatever cats and dogs the author wishes to throw in.


-Michael Rays, Rocksolographer

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