1970-74: Acoustics? Check. Wah? Check.

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“Number One with an AXE! Vol 4” sells for $2.99 and isĀ available at:
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“Number One with an AXE! A Look at the Guitar’s Role in America’s #1 Hits, Vol 4, 1970-74” $2.99
December, 2017
With the British Invasion and the Summer of Love in the rear-view mirror, the guitar was used in new and exciting ways to dress up, funkify, and otherwise embellish the #1 hits of the day.

In Volume 4, Michael Rays keeps on truckin’, rating the 122 #1 hits of the early 70s based on four criteria: Riffage, Rhythm Playing, Fills and Solos. He includes a brief commentary on each song, as well as providing video links (when available, which is most of the time) so you can watch/listen to each tune.

This ebook is a must for guitar fanatics who also love pop music!