Sneak Peek from “Number One with an AXE! Vol. 2”

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I’ve been busy listening to the Billboard #1 hits from 1960-64 for my upcoming ebook, “Number One with an AXE! Volume 2”. Hits of the early 60s weren’t exactly dripping with guitars, but there are still some six-string gems to be discovered (or rediscovered). Here are a couple of samples. Enjoy! -MR Soldier Boy, The Shirelles, 5/5/62, 3 weeks […]

Barry Gibb Goes to 11

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Barry Gibb ruled the musical roost in the late 1970s. Every song he wrote (some with and for his group the Bee Gees, some for other artists) seemed to scream up the charts, often all the way to number one. Recently, while playing some of Barry’s disco-era hits from a guitar fake book, I noticed […]

My Wrist Watch Made Me a Different Player

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“Sometimes it takes a phantom limb to convince us that it’s okay to screw up.” -Me I occasionally (or is it frequently?) become convinced that all my guitar improvising sounds the same: same note sequences, same rhythms, same arpeggios, same mistakes. How to break out of the rut? One answer for me was as unexpected as it was […]