I am a guitar gadfly. I find music in general and guitar in particular to be endlessly fascinating. I enjoy discovering new things about the guitar and about music theory, and I also enjoy helping others make musical discoveries. I used to be an 89A2343aerl-rock but over the years I have become an 89A3444aerl-jazz.



My gear:

  • Fender Squier Vintage Jaguar
  • J. Steele semi-hollow body electric
  • Jasmine acoustic by Takamine
  • Maestro acoustic by Gibson; $5 at a garage sale!
  • Peavey Vypyr 30 amp with Sanpera II footswitch
  • DigiTech JamMan looper pedal
  • Korg Beat Boy drum machine

My music history:

  • Piano lessons age 6-9
  • Trumpet lessons age 9-17
  • High school jazz band, marching band, symphonic band (trumpet/euphonium)
  • Strummed first guitar chord in 1989 (age 21)
  • Mostly self-taught on guitar (two 2-year stints taking lessons)

I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I graduated from Northwestern University and served nine years in the Navy, flying the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter. I live in Billings, Montana with my wife and daughter.